• The God We Can Know: Exploring the "I Am" Sayings of Jesus  

    “This outstanding resource for churches, small groups, and individuals will help people grow in their faith. Rob Fuquay is an excellent teacher and guide, and I look forward to studying this resource in my own small group.”
    —Adam Hamilton
    Pastor and author of The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus

    In this 7-week study, Rob Fuquay explores what Jesus meant when he said “I Am the Bread of Life,” “I Am the Light of the World,” “I Am the Good Shepherd,” and other “I Am” statements.


  • Upper Room Books  

    Hope Beyond Your Tears

    “The risen Christ meets us in our tears.” With these gentle words, Hudson invites you to enter the story of Mary Magdalene’s encounter with Jesus in the garden. Follow this beloved pastor’s guidance to open your heart to the living Christ and find hope to move beyond your tears.

    An excellent study for Lent, grief support groups, Sunday school classes, and individuals.


  • Interruptions: A 40-Day Journey with Jesus  

    Interruptions often blindside us, leaving us wondering where God is. Jacob Armstrong looks at how Jesus responded to interruptions.

    Set aside your stress for a bit and consider how the interruption you are going through may actually be an opportunity to feel God’s presence.



  • Rhythms of Growth: 365 Meditations to Nurture the Soul  

    Rhythms of Growth is like a 12-month garden tour through countries of the spiritual life. Each month Linda Douty explores a different aspect of spiritual living, using the language and metaphors of field and garden.”

    –Sybil MacBeth, author of Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God


    “Insightful daily reminders that inspire us to live a deeper life.”

    –John McQuiston III, author of Always We Begin Again: The Benedictine Way of Living



  • Practicing Compassion  

    “Everybody believes in compassion, but nobody tells you how to practice it. Until now.

    Frank Rogers turns compassion into a doable, daily practice — as simple as catching your breath and taking your pulse. If you want to read a book that actually has the capacity to change your life (and the world), this is the book to read.”

    —Brian McLaren
    Author, speaker, blogger, activist (brianmclaren.net)




  • Another Bead, Another Prayer  

    Another Bead, Another Prayer

    Another Bead, Another Prayer is the second in what one can only hope will become a whole series of books for Protestants about prayer beads and their role as an enriching part of both spiritual formation and religious devotion. Even the complete novice will find here not only the prayers appointed to each set of beads but also, and blessedly, easy-to-follow, deeply pastoral guidance into both the practice and the prayers. Phyllis Tickle Compiler, The Divine Hours — Phyllis Tickle



  • UR1366 Voices of Aging  

    In this collection of 20 heartfelt meditations, Missy Buchanan provides compassionate insight into two generations – adult children and their aging parents – as they struggle with the fears and frustrations of aging.



  • The God We Can Know: Exploring the "I Am" Sayings of Jesus - DVD Cover  

    Travel with Rob Fuquay to the Holy Land and see the places where Jesus stood as he disclosed his identity and the context in which he spoke the “I Am” statements from the Gospel of John.

    The gospel comes to life as we move from the Judean wilderness to the Gaililean hills and into the heart of Jerusalem in this fast-paced, interactive video journey that helps us discover Jesus anew. The DVD includes Group Guides for adults, youth, and children.


  • At the Edge of Life: Conversations When Death is Near  

    What do you say to someone who’s dying? Richard Morgan draws on his experience as a pastor and hospice chaplain to give guidance for those conversations you need to have with loved ones as they approach death.


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May 25, 2015

When We Stand in the Presence of Mystery

Excerpt from page 157 of The Upper Room Disciplines 2015: A Book of Daily Devotions. Used by permission of Upper Room Books.

Read Isaiah 6:1-7

This passage is full of imagery that boggles our twenty-first-century minds: creatures with six wings call to one another across the vast throne room; the Temple’s foundation trembles at the sound of their voices; smoke fills the room; live coals rest on the altar; and God is so big that just the hem of God’s robe fills the entire worship space. read more

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