• A House of Prayer_Tom Steagald_9780835813211  

    Why do so many praying Christians feel as if their prayers echo in the dark and never go beyond the ceiling? Maybe because they’re missing a sense of deep connection — not only with God but also with other praying believers.

    Find out how to strengthen your prayers and grow closer to God and others.



  • Healing from Divorce_Mary Lou Redding  

    “I poured so much energy into trying to save our marriage that I had nothing left to give to God or others.”

    Can you relate to the above statement? Maybe you’ve been through a divorce or are going through one now.

    Start the journey of healing with these 28 days of prayer.


  • Freestyle_Michael W. Waters  


    “Provocative and prophetic, Michael Waters provides a fresh perspective on many issues that impact our communities, families, and the future of our country.

    Through his political critique, you hear the voice of a street prophet.

    Through his analysis of hip-hop, you hear the voice of a cultural connoisseur.

    Through his reflections as a father, you hear the voice of a loving parent.

    FREESTYLE is inspiring, convicting, educating – and in the end, uplifting.””

    –Romal Tune, author of God’s Graffiti: Inspiring Stories for Teens


  • Wild Things: Poems of Grief and Love, Loss and Gratitude  

    “In this vivid pilgrimage through the decline and death of her mama, Roberta Bondi takes us by the hand and says, ‘Come let me show you what I am discovering of life and love and God.’ A lifelong companion of the desert mothers and fathers of the early church, and an exquisite observer of her own life, she shows us how every moment, memory, and the smallest wild thing is a foretaste and glimpse of eternity. These poems are a journey of healing, hope, and spiritual wholeness.”
    —Bishop Elaine J. W. Stanovsky
    The Mountain Sky Episcopal Area
    The United Methodist Church


  • Becoming Who God Wants You to Be_Paul Jones_Spiritual Direction  

    Becoming Who God Wants You to Be

    Ever been curious about spiritual direction or wished you had your own personal spiritual coach?

    W. Paul Jones helps you explore self-guided spiritual direction with the ultimate spiritual director – the Holy Spirit. His 60 meditations will help you discover the ways God is leading you.


  • A Bead and a Prayer_A Beginner's Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads  

    A Bead and a Prayer

    A Bead and a Prayer engages our God-given senses of touch and sight to coax prayer from the head deep into the heart. This is a must-read for anyone on an intentional journey to God.”

    – Linda Douty, Spiritual director, retreat leader, author



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July 24, 2014

What Is Worship Without Walls?

We often think of church as a building. Either that or “church” is something that happens in an hourlong service on Sunday mornings. When we began Providence Church, we had neither a building nor morning worship for nine months. It was an important time as we considered what it really meant to be the church.

After a careful examination of Jesus, we noticed that he spent much of his time with those who felt disconnected from God, the community, and the faith community. It led us as a new church, with no church building and no church services, to go out into the places of need in our community. We devoted most of our time in those nine months to serving our community. It seemed like what Jesus would have done had he been in our shoes. We listened to and learned from our community as we served in any way we could.

Eventually, our church began worshiping on Sunday mornings. We still don’t have a building! (We have met in a city park, movie theater, hotel meeting room, and at elementary, middle, and high schools.) What we found a year or so in, though, was it that it becomes easier and easier to just have “church” on Sunday mornings and not be the church in the community. It was out of this tension that we organized and held our first Worship Without Walls in 2010.

On Worship Without Walls Sunday, instead of worshiping for an hour in our middle school gym, we worship God by serving our community. We communicate that worship takes on many forms, and instead of a worship service, we worship through service. The projects are varied, and we have projects that are accessible to all people.

Worship Without Walls has allowed us to become known as “that church that worked on Sunday!” and “the church that is doing things in the community.” Our local city government contacts us now to let us know how we can serve them. WWW has developed partnerships with local nonprofits that are serving those in need, and now we serve with them throughout the year. But most important for us is that it has kept us connected to what we believe is God’s vision for our church.

The vision of our new church is “to see those who feel disconnected from God and the church find hope, healing, and wholeness in Jesus Christ.” Worship Without Walls has become for us not just a one-day event, but a way of life.

Every day we encounter people who are in the midst of life-altering interruptions who need to know Jesus is with them even and especially then. We must remember that church is neither a building nor a one-hour gathering for worship. Our lives change when we see worship as something that can happen outside the walls of the church building – worship as a way of life that honors God and connects the disconnected.


Jacob Armstrong–InterruptionsJacob Armstrong is the founding pastor of Providence Church, a vibrant young United Methodist congregation in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Jacob and his wife, Rachel, have three daughters. He is the author of 5 books, including Interruptions: A 40-Day Journey with Jesus.
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