March 2, 2015

Beyond Skin Color

By Jefferson Furtado |
Jefferson Furtado

Jefferson Furtado

Living in a culture outside your own can be a fantastic and frightening experience. Through the past 14 years that I have lived in the United States, I have experienced both acceptances and rejection, inclusion and exclusion, love and pain, connection and disconnection. The person I am today was born through a long journey of self-discovery.

I am Brazilian but live away from home. I am American, but not North American. I am black, but not an African-American. I am Latino, but not Hispanic. So, the guiding question throughout my journey became, How do I honor my heritage while adapting to this new world? … read

February 28, 2015

Black Lives Matter … and So Do All Lives

By Carolyn W. Dandridge |
Carolyn W. Dandridge

Carolyn W. Dandridge

I hear the words of Isaiah 40:28-31 paraphrased like this: “Do you not know or have you not heard? The Creator is the eternal Judge and ruler of the earth until the end. When you follow the Supreme One, you will not grow faint or weary, and your knowledge will be beyond scrutiny. God will provide strength to the fainting, and the weak shall become strong beyond measure. When we become weary and our youth stagger and fall, we who HOPE shall renew our strength and soar like eagles. We will run and grow Christlike, and we will walk and never faint.” … read

February 25, 2015

My Continued Journey of Mothering Gabriel

By Toni Payne |
Toni  Payne

Toni Payne

To say I was hesitant when invited to write an article about raising my son for this blog last year is an understatement. I had numerous reservations about the invitation. My first thought was, Why was my life as Gabriel’s mother important only during Black History Month? I dreaded being scrutinized, characterized, or typecast as just another incompetent single African American mother. I wondered if anyone would find my musings honest, relevant, timely, or noteworthy. … read

February 23, 2015

Worthy of Trust

By Elise Erikson Barrett |
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Article reprinted from page 66, The Upper Room Disciplines 2015. Used by permission.

Read Psalm 22:25-31


The aspect I found most terrifying about being a mother to infants was the absolute trust they placed in me. I could have been terrible or wonderful, loving or abusive—on that first day, they loved me just because I was there.

… read

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