March 30, 2015

Trusting in God’s Presence

By Claire McKeever-Burgett |

Excerpt from page 101 of The Upper Room Disciplines 2015: A Book of Daily Devotions. Used by permission of Upper Room Books.

Read Psalm 36:5-11

The psalmist speaks truth yet again. For who on this Holy Monday, after Jesus enters Jerusalem, after Mary publicly prepares Jesus’ body for burial and for death – who does not need a reminder of the protective, present love of God? … read

March 27, 2015

Julian of Norwich: Unusual Woman for Her Time

By Lindsey Gray |
Editor’s Note: March is Women’s History Month. Several articles this month focus on the contributions of women in scripture and Christian history. We encourage you to learn more about women who have made or are making a difference in the world.

I attended a small women’s college, and that experience, more than anything else in my life, has given me a deep appreciation for the strength, courage, creativity, and compassion of women. I love Women’s History Month because it is a time when my social media feeds and the blogs I read regularly fill up with stories of women who have worked and are working to make our world a more honest, more just, more compassionate place. And I believe that in order to do this, we must first love ourselves and love those around us because it is from a place of love that honesty, justice, and compassion that we can make the greatest difference. Though I could write about any number of women who have modeled this way of living, Julian of Norwich has been, for me, one of the most significant voices in shaping my image and understanding of God and God’s love for the world.

… read

March 25, 2015

All Shall Be Well …

By Anne Trudel |
Editor’s Note: During March, we observe Women’s History Month, remembering the contributions of women around the world. Several articles this month focus on women from scripture and Christian history. Today’s quotations are from Julian of Norwich, a nun and spiritual writer who lived in the late 14th century. Watch for an article by Lindsay Gray to be posted in a couple of days: “Julian of Norwich: Unusual Woman for Her Time.”

… read

March 23, 2015

Love Has Us Surrounded

By Paul Escamilla |

Excerpt from page 94 of The Upper Room Disciplines 2015: A Book of Daily Devotions. Used by permission of Upper Room Books.

Read Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29

blog-image-URDisc-Mar-23-2015_posted-Mar4Palm/Passion week is one like no other—fraught with triumph and tragedy, festivity and forsakenness, virtue and vice, all woven in a tight weave. In such a context, Psalm 118 is a gift of undergirding, a song of assurance that come what may, nothing will separate us or the world from God’s abiding love. … read

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