July 2, 2015

Q & A with Linda Douty

By admin |
Linda Douty

Linda Douty

Editor’s Note: We managed to catch up with author Linda Douty a few months ago to ask her some questions. This is one busy woman whom I’d describe as a fireball. I want to be like her when I grow up!
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June 29, 2015

The Fortress of God’s Power

By Margaret L. Fleming |
The Upper Room Disciplines 2015

The Upper Room Disciplines 2015

Read Psalm 48

This morning, I awoke, unbolted my bedroom door, turned off the security alarm, and unlocked the dead bolt on the back door to let the cat out. I live in a safe neighborhood in a safe city. Round-the-clock police and fire protection and medical assistance will arrive within minutes if I call. My security system will summon authorities for a break-in or fire. I live in a fortress. … read

June 25, 2015

It’s Never Too Late

By Linda Douty |
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It’s never too late to dig up a buried dream. I wasn’t a “real writer.” Sure, I had written limericks for people’s birthdays, a few book reviews, material for teaching gigs – but a BOOK? Certainly not.

So the voice on the phone caught me completely off guard. “This is the acquisitions editor at Morehouse Press, an Episcopal publishing house,” she began, “and we want to talk to you about writing a book for us.” … read

June 22, 2015

When We Need Words

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The Upper Room Disciplines 2015

The Upper Room Disciplines 2015

Editor’s Note: We grieve with the people of Charleston, SC over the recent shootings at Emanuel AME Church. All of our brothers and sisters are in our prayers.

Read 2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27

Something about the death of a special friend or relative stirs in us a desire to “say something” in the person’s memory. It’s as if death evokes a verbal response from us on a foundational level. So when I meet with a family to prepare a funeral or memorial service, I ask the members if anyone will want to give a eulogy following the homily that I will preach. … read

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