July 30, 2015

Learning Compassion the Hard Way

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Blog-image_7-30-2015When our dog of 14 years died, I wanted to spread some of her ashes at the wilderness park where she and I ran most days of her life. My son, at home for her passing, had a midmorning plane to catch back to college. So I only had a short time to drive, park, spread her ashes, and make it back home.

Unfortunately, I knew I was in trouble the moment I got to the parking lot. The lot was so full, a line had formed halfway down the street. I knew of an overflow lot further down, so I bypassed the line and made for it. I could not believe it. The overflow lot was full as well, its line clogging the access street. I made a U-turn only to see a dozen cars U-turning in front of me. I was stuck between two traffic jams.

Then I saw it. The corner house on a cul-de-sac adjacent to me had an open spot in front. I zipped in and pulled up at the foot of a sign forbidding parking at night. I still had time. I grabbed the vial, leapt from the car, looked up, and immediately started to backpedal. Barreling down the driveway toward me, rakes raised in both hands as if fending off a grizzly, a large man of Middle Eastern descent screamed at me with accented aggression.

“What’re you doing?! You’re parking right in front of my house!” … read

July 27, 2015

Sin Does Not Have the Last Word

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The Upper Room Disciplines 2015

The Upper Room Disciplines 2015

Read 2 Samuel 11:26–12:13a

The prophet Nathan tells King David a story about a rich man stealing from a poor man. When David reacts to the obvious injustice, Nathan courageously declares, “You are the man!” Nathan’s call to confession moves David, but the story speaks to us all about our own sinfulness and hope for redemption. … read

July 23, 2015

When Passion Makes a Move

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Lap Pool author photoSunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia—July 10, 2015—I’ve just come back from the pool. The sky was creamy blue, the birds noisy, and the sun warm on my back. Laps have never felt so good as they do here, especially on this otherwise typical day in . . . winter.

Swimming in an outdoor Olympic-size pool has been one of many perks since my husband and I relocated from Boston’s North Shore in March. It’s July now—summer back in Massachusetts, but “winter” down under—and I’ll be honest: the move to Oz surprised me when we first felt the pull, and it surprises me still each day I walk out the door. Or jump in the pool on “chilly” 60-degree days.

wooded path author picOn the way to the aquatic center, for instance, I ride my bicycle past white-barked gum trees where koalas have been spotted and kookaburras laugh on the branches. Pink galahs and green parrots sing and swoop over blooming poinsettias and banksia trees. And like the uncanny creatures and locale, I have learned that even passion—and its many forms I first explored in Woman Overboard—looks different here.

It’s slower, for one. Daily life, that is, and that affects each subheading of living well. Vocation, for instance, is happily less frantic—but odd when you’re writing while most editors you know are sound asleep on the other side of the world and the sun is shining through your office window. Art here has more browns and greens and ocean blues that you can barely find language for.

Romance, too, is kinder, and even, well, older, as I see in my elderly in-laws, who celebrate 51 years of marriage next week and who are the primary reason we came. How can their last chapter be filled with less suffering and more joy? How can we help? A meatloaf or key lime pie with limes my sister-in-law grew in her backyard? A drive to the hospital?

It’s all the messy and marvelous stuff of passion relocated.

And Jesus. Yes, of course, he’s here too, evident in the worship of the local Anglican church we attend, alive in the faces of its members who’ve also jumped overboard, diving in fully to live out their faith and their callings in their own unique ways. With Aussie accents and fish and chips. With offers of friendship and “G’day!” With hospitality and sacrifice that point me back to the passion of our Lord, making the move easier, softer, warmer.

Even on “winter” days.

Jo Kadlecek, author and adventurer

Jo Kadlecek, author and adventurer

Jo Kadlecek is the author of Woman Overboard: How Passion Saved My Life. She and her husband, Chris Gilbert, moved from Massachusetts to Noosa Heads, in Queensland, Australia, in March 2015, where they continue to pursue a passionate life. For more information on Jo, visit her website at www.lampostmedia.com or follow her new journey in Australia through her blog “A Sun Burnt Faith,” asunburntfaith.wordpress.com.

July 20, 2015

The Temptations of Power

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The Upper Room Disciplines 2015

The Upper Room Disciplines 2015

Read 2 Samuel 11:1-5

The acquisition of position, power, and greed has led many to sin and self-destruction. Leaders in all walks of life who succeed in winning people’s admiration can become victims of sin because of greed through positions of power. It seems as if leaders make sinful decisions because their power supports whatever actions their hearts desire. … read

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