A Life-Shaping Prayer Paul Wesley Chilcote

  • Who is God to you?
  • What can you give to God?
  • How does God shape your life?
  • How do you live as a disciple of Christ?

Drawing on the rich resources of the Methodist tradition, A Life-Shaping Prayer is a beautifully written devotional resource. Centered around a prayer of an early Wesley follower, the themes of this book lead to a rediscovery of what it means to practice faith.

Advocating a holistic spirituality where prayer and life are interconnected, Chilcote’s premise will make God increasingly real to you.

“Grant me, gracious Lord, a pure intention of heart and a steadfast regard to your glory in all my actions. Possess my mind continually with your presence . . .” is how the prayer of Elizabeth Rhodes begins. This prayer reflects many of the central themes, values, and goals of vital Christianity. Studying and praying this prayer for a “waking spirit and a diligent soul” will lead to a Christ-filled life.

Breaking down the early Methodist prayer into 52 readings, Chilcote retooled it into a flexible devotional format that includes a scripture, a brief meditation, a Wesley hymn, and a prayer for the day. Whether you decide to read a selection a week or begin a pattern of morning/evening prayers, you’ll immerse yourself in the discipline of prayer.

A Life-Shaping Prayer is suitable for individual or group reflection and is ideal as a prayer aid to prepare for Lent and Advent.

“The practice of prayer-practicing life in Christ-requires effort, but all begins and ends in God’s grace and loving-kindness,” writes Chilcote. “God has gifted you richly, desires to shape your life through the power of Jesus’ love, and yearns for you to show yourself to be a disciple of Christ. Permit the Spirit of God to breathe new life into you.”

Discover a richer life of enacted love through A Life-Shaping Prayer.


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