A House of Prayer: The Power of Praying in Community Thomas R. Steagald

Discover the power of praying with others, and feel the lasting sense of connection and community that comes from praying together.

In A House of Prayer, Tom Steagald addresses what he calls the spiritual malady of our culture: isolation. He believes that praying together allows the church to become “one” (unity) as Jesus intended and the “body of Christ” that Paul described. Using memoir, travelogue, reflection on scripture, church history, and psychology, Steagald builds a compelling case for congregations to put more focus on praying as a community.

Praise for A House of Prayer

One of Marilynne Robinson’s best characters, writing deeply personal things for his grandson, said, “For me, writing has always felt like praying.” Tom Steagald’s book A House of Prayer feels like a prayer, a scrapbook of memories of prayers. Once we’ve overheard them, it would be hard not to pray more deeply and personally ourselves.

–James C. Howell
Senior Pastor, Myers Park United Methodist Church
Charlotte, North Carolina
Author, Struck from Behind: My Memories of God

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September 11, 2015

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