Invitations of Jesus Trevor Hudson

“As I have studied the invitations of Jesus in the Gospels and
mulled over the insights of significant mentors, my understanding of
the good news has grown considerably from what I first understood
it to be. I have come to see that the central issue of the gospel of Jesus
involves the gracious opportunity to become a new kind of person
and to enter into a new way of life.

–Trevor Hudson, in the introduction

How will you respond to the invitations of Jesus? Trevor Hudson calls us to consider the invitations Jesus offers in 5 dimensions of life:

  • Invitation to Life at Its Best
  • Invitation to Transforming Intimacy
  • Invitation to Transforming Discipleship
  • Invitation to Transforming Mission
  • Invitation to Transforming Mystery

This 6-week study can be done as a group (the book includes a Leader’s Guide) or individually. Discover how to live life at its best, with the daily strength Jesus provides.

Praise for Invitations of Jesus

4.5 out of 5 stars

Christianity is not about a project to escape hell and enter heaven. It is a response to the invitation of Jesus to open and receive Jesus’ gift; to explore and to know God; and to respond to God affirmatively. The key is to learn to be fully alive to God, and in turn be fully alive to one another, and to the world that God so loved and gave his only Son. The six weeks of “invitations” in Trevor Hudson’s book INVITATIONS OF JESUS are a journey from spiritual wakefulness to hopefulness in God.

Do not be deceived by the brevity or the simplicity of this devotional. This book of invitation is open-ended enough for us to be creative in our practice of it. It is closed-ended enough to limit our scope to six weeks of transformative exercises.
–Dr. Conrad Yap, pastor, blogger, and NetGalley Reviewer



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