One Day at a Time Trevor Hudson

Each passing day brings news of someone entering rehab for something. While some struggle with the obvious serious issues (alcoholism, drug addiction), less noisy but just as serious problems may lie just below the most composed surface.

One Day at a Time is for you if you…

* worry too much

* battle stress and tension

* struggle with compulsive or addictive behavior

* feel trapped by self-condemnation, guilt and regret

* sabotage relationships with destructive behavior

* worship regularly but feel bogged down in pious clichés and empty ritual

After considering his own need for change, Hudson took a fresh look at the  Twelve Steps used by Alcoholics Anonymous. He discovered that these practical guiding principles of recovery can help you — whatever your struggle — reclaim self-worth and renewal. “If you sense that God may be nudging you toward living for a change and you are not too sure how to go about it, these steps will guide and help you,” he writes. “They will draw you into a more personal and living relationship with God and enable you to live with greater joy and freedom and serenity.”

Hudson explains how you can adapt the Twelve Steps and find power to “get unstuck” and change. His insights about how to live well are challenging and comforting. Hudson includes questions to prompt deeper personal or group reflection after each chapter. Taking one step at a time one day at a time, you’ll experience small victories over self-defeating weaknesses that once sabotaged your life and relationships.



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