When the World Breaks Your Heart: Spiritual Ways of Living with Tragedy Gregory S. Clapper

Turn on the TV news, and you’ll see an endless parade of tragedy and despair happening each day: war, severe weather, terrorism, accidents.

We think we’re immune; tragedy happens to “someone else.” It’s hard to think about, but our lives aren’t charmed. We’ll all have to face pain and heartbreak at some point in our lives. How do you deal with it?

Using his experience as a National Guard chaplain ministering to those involved in the crash of United Flight 232 in Sioux City, Iowa, Clapper offers hope for living with tragedy. His empathetic and confident statement of faith helps us see beyond traumatic events and recognize God’s presence in the midst of heartache.

The big question is always, “Why?” Well, no one can answer that, but Clapper offers consolation through a confident statement of faith. This book will help you recognize God’s presence even on the worst day of your life.


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