• For as long as I can remember,
    I have believed in God.

    I haven’t always felt close to God or understood what it means to claim Christianity for myself. In my desire to stay connected and better comprehend the mystery, I have kneeled on wooden benches in Episcopal parishes, joined hands with strangers in nondenominational megachurches, and chanted alongside monks in remote monasteries. I’ve gone on retreat, walked in the woods, sat cross-legged in silence, and circled labyrinths in three states. It’s quite the mixed bag of spiritual longing.

    Honoring that kind of deep-seated hunger is what Fresh Air Books is all about. Curiosity, restlessness, and maybe even a bit of alienation: all are respected here. Mixed in with the doubts and dilemmas are celebrations of joys fulfilled and dreams realized. We don’t pretend to have all the answers at Fresh Air Books. What we can promise is that you’re not alone and that your questions are welcome here.

    – Amy Lyles Wilson

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  • Practicing Compassion


    Through rich and moving stories of people from various faiths, Frank Rogers shows ways to incorporate compassion in our daily lives. His interfaith perspective on mercy, kindness, and caring for one another trains us to Pay attention, Understand empathically, Love with connection, Sense the sacredness, and Embody new life (PULSE).


    FRESH AIR BOOKS publishes books that inspire readers to explore Christian faith in a fresh, experiential way.

    Our books are for all people who want to know God, whether they call themselves Christian or not. We market our books primarily through booksellers such as Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon, who help us reach as wide an audience as possible.

    Rather than telling readers what to do, our books show the way, mostly through stories of people who live out authentic, compassionate faith in the real world.

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