December 28, 2015

Bring Us Home

By Kenneth M. Locke
The Upper Room Disciplines 2015

The Upper Room Disciplines 2015

Read Jeremiah 31:7-9

Christmas is finally over, and we may feel relieved. We are tired of delayed flights and missed connections. We are weary of staying with distant relatives. We have lost our taste for junk food. We are tired of the crush at the malls.

We are ready for a return to life the way it was, to what it should be. We want to be home, even if we haven’t left!

Christmas powerfully brings home to us humanity’s perennial condition. We are out of sorts, out of joint. Nothing is quite right. Things are not as they should be. And we desperately long to feel like we are home.

The post-Christmas days are a good time to reflect on what Christmas means for us. God is calling us to the way things should be. In Jesus Christ, God helps us put things right, come back to the lives we desire, the solid life we long for.

The invitation is for all people. Not just those of us “in the know” or who might be up for the spiritual journey, but for all people—even those who would otherwise faint along the way.

Christmas reminds us in a powerful way that we have wandered far from our spiritual home. If we had not, we would need no savior to guide us back. But thanks be to God, in Jesus we are offered a path back to the way things should be. In Jesus we are invited to step back and satisfy our longing for life as it should be: a life centered on God through loving others.

Lord God, we have wandered far away. In the life, love, and resurrection of Jesus please bring us home. Amen.

Kenneth M. Locke is pastor, Downtown Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee.

Excerpt from page 375 of The Upper Room Disciplines 2015: A Book of Daily Devotions. Used by permission of Upper Room Books.

The Upper Room Disciplines is an award-winning devotional book published annually by Upper Room Books. Fifty-three writers from diverse Christian and cultural backgrounds contribute to this yearlong guide of daily devotionals. They provide insightful reflections on scripture and offer suggestions for applying biblical truths to daily life.


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