A Quiet Pentecost Dwight H. Judy

During the past 30 years, a quiet revolution has taken place in Christianity. People of all ages are finding the need for daily prayer. Many are encountering Jesus anew through ancient yet new forms of prayer.

“Quiet Pentecosts” are happening as Christians engage in spiritual practices. Congregations feel the power of the Holy Spirit at work as they participate in thoughtful reading of scripture, walking the labyrinth, prayerful listening to one another, spiritual direction, and more.

At a time when denominations are declining and the church seems to be fighting for survival, Dwight Judy sees hope for the future in the practices of spiritual formation.

“The practices of spiritual formation take us outside of the noisy and frenetic activity our popular culture encourages,” Judy writes. “We need to be taught how to be together in a spirit of respectful listening to one another. We will not learn this art from our television commentators. We will rarely witness such moments of genuine care in national or international politics.”

In A Quiet Pentecost, he recounts the stories of more than 40 congregations being transformed by spiritual practices. This book addresses the following topics:


  • evangelism and spiritual formation
  • praying the scriptures (lectio divina)
  • spiritual practices in small groups
  • healing prayer
  • multisensory worship (evening prayer and Taizé)
  • congregational discernment
  • prayer ministries
  • health and wellness ministries
  • centering prayer
  • and much more!


A wonderful resource for churches and individuals interested in reenergizing their spiritual life. Perfect for laypersons or clergy who want guidance in establishing or expanding spiritual formation ministries; also helpful for seminary classes.

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January 21, 2015

Start a Quiet Pentecost in Your Congregation

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