Not Alone: Encouragement for Caregivers Nell E. Noonan

Caregivers have a front-row seat to suffering. Helping someone (most likely a close loved one) through disease, pain, frailty and death exacts a tremendous toll.

We don’t want to think about it, feel inadequate and overwhelmed with despair in the midst of it. Yet we must somehow pull it together and press on. With so much time and energy devoted to someone else, we sometimes feel isolated in the sadness of our labor of love.

Welcome these honest and authentic daily devotions that will help you through another day of profound frustration, wonder, empathy and devotion.

Noonan describes the caregiving experience as a spiritual pilgrimage and invites us to look for God’s embrace along the way: “God is with us in the tears and the laughter, the brokenness and the holiness, the exhaustion and the whispers of resurrection.”



  • Not Alone: Encouragement for Caregivers is a much-needed book for the growing number of caregivers in our society. Nell Noonan speaks out of her experience caring for her husband, and the pages of this devotional book are full of meaningful thoughts for all caregivers. A cursory glance at the Table of Contents points to the daily challenges that caregivers face, but also the joys that can accrue from caring for a loved one. She relates her meditations to scripture, predominantly from the Psalms, the Gospels and the letters of Paul. Nell Noonan is realistic about the endless burden of the 36-hour day for caregivers, but offers a spiritual support that provides incredible strength. I will have no hesitancy in making caregivers whom I serve aware of this book.

    —Dr. Richard L. Morgan, Author and Facilitator , Alzheimer's Support Groups
  • God does not always spare us from the storm, but God always walks with us in the storm.  Nell Noonan has reminded us that God’s blessings can be found even in the midst of very difficult circumstances.  Her Not Alone: Encouragement for Caregivers will bless you.

    —Dr. Scott Youngblood, Senior Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church, Arlington, Texas