Time Away: A Guide for Personal Retreat Ben Campbell Johnson, Paul H. Lang

“Come away with me and rest for a while,” Jesus said to his disciples. Sometimes we need a break from our busy lives just to take time to be, but more important, to listen to God.

Time Away details the joys, challenges, and benefits of a personal retreat. This book’s step-by-step instructions will enable anyone — from first-timer to veteran — to make the most of dedicated time with God.

Chapters cover these topics:

  • What Is a Retreat?
  • Why Go on a Retreat?
  • Preparing for a Retreat
  • Creating a Plan for Your Retreat
  • Retreat at a Monastery
  • Entering the Silence
  • Returing from Time Away: 15 Watchwords

The book includes helpful appendixes that include lesson plans for a class on personal retreats, liturgies for use with groups on retreat, and descriptions of a retreat leader’s tasks.

Time Away is an indispensable handbook for ministers and other retreat leaders, as well as anyone who wants to go on a personal retreat. Enjoy your time away with God!