Woman Overboard Jo Kadlecek

Do you ever feel like life has thrown you overboard? Or do you sometimes just go through the motions, pretending that your life is just fine, when really you feel apathetic, stuck, or even desperate about how your life is going?

In Woman Overboard, Kadlecek explores the meaning of passion through the lens of her own life. Follow her from a middle-class, suburban existence bordering on tedium to a life awakened to the gifts in and around her, a life that embraces the new and unexpected. Discover with her the paradoxes of pain and beauty, life and death, love and compassion, work and adventure.

“Each of these helped me see that this question of being alive demands utter abandon but is somehow as familiar and safe as home,” Kadlecek writes. “To forgo the possibility of ever again feeling real joy, fear, hope or excitement, the very idea of such complacency evoked terror in me. I’m suddenly thankful for pillows and roofs, for beaches and towels, for feet and waves and soft, mushy sand.”

If you want something more, to have a truly meaningful life, Woman Overboard will inspire you to live more passionately.

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July 23, 2015

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